Deploying an elastic cluster with CLUES, Infrastructure Manager and the Orchestrator of the INDIGO DataCloud project

Imaging Biobanks use case

This video shows how an elastic cluster with a SLURM batch queue can be deployed starting from a description of the software configuration in a TOSCA template. From this template, we retrieve valid IAM credentials and using the orchent CLI create a deployment through the orchestrator. The orchestrator finds the rightmost site, and using Infrastructure Manager and the Ansible roles defined in Ansible Galaxy and GitHub, the whole configuration of the cluster is performed. All the information is publicly available and if you can obtain INDIGO DataCloud IAM credentials you will be able to reproduce it. At the end, we log into the front end of the cluster and check that only two of the four working nodes are deployed initially, being the rest of the working nodes automatically deployed on demand through CLUES.


This integration work has been done in the frame of the Imaging Biobanks use case of INDIGO DataCloud.

INDIGO Service used

Identity and Access Management