Second Project Achievements Report - D 1.11

Just after the end of the second year of the INDIGO-DataCloud project, this document presents an update of the achievements described in deliverable D1.10 [R1]. It includes information on the  objectives  achieved  with  the  second  INDIGO  release,  the  feedback  gathered  via communication activities and a summary of the outreach and dissemination activities.

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Report on the second release of PaaS layer - D 5.5

This deliverable reports on the work done during the past eight months to implement the second release of the PaaS layer.
The focus is on the description of the status of the PaaS architecture as it is released in the ElectricIndigo version, and its adherence to the user requirements.

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Specifications of data ingestion and use in INDIGO - D2.7

Following the analysis presented in the previous deliverable D2.11 on the data life cycle for the different case studies proposed by the research communities, and the definition of the Data Ingestion stage, this report presents the context details and parameters required for the specifications of the INDIGO ingestion integrity test. Introducing the “Arbor” model promoting the FAIR+R rules for this data ingestion, the report also explores how INDIGO-DataCloud solutions can support the different stages in the data life cycle, including re-use and preservation.

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Second release of a Science Gateway prototype and release of the selected mobile apps - D6.6

This deliverable contains the technical description of the new and improved tools developed by WP6 to support the creation of Science Gateways and mobile applications. For Science Gateway, the  tools  have  been  improved  with  the  introduction  of  two  new  portlets: one  improving the administration and the other facilitating the deployment into a Science Gateway of several class of applications. For the mobile application the evolution of the Open Mobile Toolkit is presented together with a use-case adopting the new solution.

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Status report and updated workplan detailed workplan of wp4 activities - D4.3

This document reports on the progress of WP4 activities with respect to objectives within the INDIGO-DataCloud project. For each activity within WP4, an updated work plan is provided, based on the progress and experience of the first 18 months of the funding period.

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Second toolkits prototype evaluation report - D6.5

This deliverable contains the second technical status report on the development of the INDIGO-­Datacloud WP6 toolkits and libraries,  the INDIGO-­Datacloud extension of the selected scientific workflow services  and interface extensions for scientific data analysis. It contains also the evaluation of the developed toolkits. This document can be in particular useful for the use case developers (using the WP6 services).

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Results of network orchestration and SDN evaluation - D4.4

This document discusses technologies available from vendors for the use and orchestration of software-defined networks, especially with respect to their use in federated cloud environment. The document introduces and compares individual products, focusing on technologies available to interconnect existing, geographically distant cloud sites.

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Report on the first release of the PaaS layer - D5.4

The status report at M16 reports on the work done during the previous months to implement the first prototype of the PaaS layer. It focuses on describing the status of the first release of the PaaS architecture, and the adherence to the user-requirements.

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Evaluation report on first release - D 6.4

This deliverable contains users’ feedback on the first release of WP6 services, based on the results of a survey containing both qualitative and quantitative metrics.

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Status Report and updated plan of WP3 activities - D3.2

This document reports on the software QA, software maintenance and support, pilot infrastructure services and exploitation activities and achievements during the first year of the project. Delives the status and updated plans for these activities, software quality control results and feedback from the 1st public software release.

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Initial Specifications of data ingestion in INDIGO - D2.11

This document  reports the  first results of  the enquiring activities for the research  ommunities participating in the INDIGO-DataCloud project in relation to data ingestion. It is  built on the experience with the Case Studies being integrated with INDIGO solutions, already presented in deliverables D2.1 and   D2.4, after reviewing the state-of-the-art recommendations on data management, and in particular those  being  analyzed in the RDA (Research Data Alliance) context. Following  these recommendations, a first detailed Case Study has been examined,  including the requirements discussed under tasks T2.1  and T2.2, confronting them to  the possibilities offered by INDIGO  solutions, to provide a reference for defining adequate strategies for data ingestion, to be confirmed in the forthcoming deliverable D2.7.

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First Project Achievements Report - D1.10

One year after the start of the INDIGO-DataCloud project, this document presents an overview of  the progress of the work toward the original objectives, the innovations achieved with respect to the state of the art, the feedback gathered via communication activities and a summary of the documentation produced by the project.

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Uodate of the Risk Analysis and Response - D1.5

This document is an update of deliverable D1.4; it contains a report about the status of the critical risks identified within the INDIGO-DataCloud project as of July 2016 and describes a revised strategy and processes to deal with them.

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Update of the Quality Plan - D1.3

This document is a follow up of the procedures that have been set up to coordinate and track the progress of the project activities. In this update we concentrate in giving an overview of the uptake of the tools and proposed to track the project progress.

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Evaluation of the extended list of requirements - D2.10

This report  describes the  progress  of  the  research  communities  towards  the  integration  of  INDIGO service components into their Case Studies. It provides the mappings of the communities’ requirements to the INDIGO service  components in the first release. It clarifies, among the  initial  list  of  the requirements gathered by Task 2.1 and Task 2.2, what has already been addressed in the first release of INDIGO and what will be included in a future release. In addition, information on an extended list of requirements is provided.

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First release of a Science Gateway and release of the selected mobile apps - D6.3

This deliverable contains the technical description of the first release of the Science Gateway and Mobile Application based on the Open Mobile Toolkit developed within the INDIGO-­DataCloud project. Additionally, the first supported use-­case, requiring the analysis of climate data, is presented to show how the application is integrated in the Science Gateway. Also the evolution of the Open Mobile Toolkit (that is a base for the mobile apps) is summarised.

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This report covers the experience on dissemination along the first  half  of the project, including detailed  metrics  on the  impact based on direct  indicators  (website,  participation in events, in particular training  and specific  workshops) and indirect ones (references to INDIGO solutions in  different  research communities’ websites, publications, etc.). The consortium  made a large effort to integrate the  INDIGO  solutions with real  Case  Studies, and this report includ es community-specific plans on how to exploit and disseminate this results along the second half of the project

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This deliverable presents the results of the analysis of technological possibilities for the integration between INDIGO‑DataCloud, major infrastructures and other platforms including EGI, EUDAT, PRACE, Helix Nebula and Virtual Observatory. Each of the infrastructure integration possibilities has been analysed by partners with best experience and connection with the respective infrastructures. The document is divided into sections covering aspects related to integration with each of the considered infrastructures, providing separate subsections on specific integration areas: authentication and authorization, computational and job submission, storage and data management as well as user interfaces.

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This  deliverable  contains  the  first  report  on  the  development  of  the INDIGO  WP6  toolkit,  the INDIGO extension  of  the  selected  scientific  workflow  services and  interface  extensions  for  scientific data  analysis.  It describes  the  evaluation  of  the  developed  toolkits,  basing  on  the  first  proof  of  concept  implementations  done  for  the  two  use  scenario.

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INDIGO architectural foundations published on arXiv

The document "INDIGO-Datacloud: foundations and architectural description of a Platform as a Service oriented to scientific computing" has been published on arXiv and is available at this link.