ElectricIndigo Software Catalogue

Dear Readers,

In this second edition of the INDIGO-DataCloud Service Catalogue you will find the components that were released with the ELECTRICINDIGO software suite, the second and final major release of the INDIGO-DataCloud project.
ELECTRICINDIGO includes a substantial number of innovative components and solutions for effective discovery and use of distributed data and compute resources. It includes 40 modular components, distributed via 170 software packages, and about 50 ready-to-use Docker containers. Everything is released with an open source license and is freely downloadable from the INDIGODataCloud website. In this Catalogue, a short description of each component is provided. But you will also find here suggestions on the adoption of INDIGO components, as well as some of the feedback that we received from many people throughout the project. We are very proud to have always retained a close link between resource providers, final users, e-infrastructures, industrial partners and software developers. This is what allowed us to stay focused on creating, as our motto says, “Better Software for Better Science”.
The INDIGO-DataCloud project is officially coming to an end in September 2017. Looking back, the 30 months of the project were totally exciting and ripe with results, well beyond what was originally foreseen in April 2015, when we started. My sincere thanks and congratulations for the exceptional results that INDIGO achieved go to the entire INDIGO Consortium, an outstanding set of competent and highly motivated people. It was a true pleasure working with all of them. Thanks also go to the European Commission, that funded the project. I think we proved that European know-how in software and distributed infrastructures is second to none, and that the exploitation of this know-how can bring great benefits to European scientists and citizens.
However, it is important to highlight that the work initiated by INDIGO will continue in at least three recently approved Horizon 2020 projects: EOSC-hub, where several production-level INDIGO components will find place in a unified European Open Science Cloud service catalogue; and DEEP-HybridDataCloud and eXtreme-DataCloud, two projects aimed at evolving some INDIGO technologies to develop exciting innovative services, that will further enhance the fruition of distributed digital resources. I am therefore sure that the foundations laid by INDIGO will continue to find proper development and adoption in a wide variety of fields, at the service of science and for the benefit of society at large.


Happy reading

Davide Salomoni

INDIGO-DataCloud Project Coordinator