Future Gateways (Programmable Scientific Portal)

Future Gateway is a programmable interface of a RESTful API Server, compliant with CSGF APIs specifications, able to provide an easy acces to the PaaS layer by leveraging on recent Web technologies.

The FutureGateway consists of a set of software components able to build, or assist existing web portals or other community oriented interfaces to become Science Gateways. FutureGateway allows the access to distributed computing resources such as grid, cloud and HPC. FutureGateway comes from a four years experiences gained with a similar component. In particular the following key features have been identified:

  • Provide a more flexible way accessing the distributed computing services.
  • Leave to the FutureGateway adopters the choice of the backward portal technology.
  • Provide the most simple way to develop ScienceGateway applications.

The FutureGateway is composed by a set of tools:

Short Service Name: 
fgAPIServer, fgAPIServerDaemon, fgPortalSetup, fgTools
Solution Type: 
High-level APIs and Portals