Global Data Access

Global Data Access is the global data management system providing easy access to distributed storage resources and supports a wide range of use case, from data management to data-intensive scientific computations.





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"We tried Onedata for the Large Binocular Telescope (LBT) use case and configured this service for a simulated distributed archive. We tried to install and configure all Onedata components (Onezone, Oneprovider and Oneclient) on dedicated virtual machines, deploying docker images. The main goal was to use Onedata to store and distribute data to different sites according to defined data policies. Onedata provides an intuitive configuration interface and a very flexible framework to store data using global distributed storage providers."


Andrea Bignamini,
Researcher at the Astronomical Observatory of Trieste, Italy




"OneData allows us to implement a first prototype of distributed archive for the Cherenkov Telescope Array (CTA) project. The distributed architecture of the CTA Archive will allow to lower costs with respect to a single huge data centre including easy manageability and maintenance"

Eva Sciacca,
Researcher at INAF – Astrophysics Observatory of Catania, Italy


"INDIGO solution allowed us to solve the main challenges that our project MuseiD-Italia, a digital library devoted to museums, currently faces: the high fragmentation of data and the difficulties of communication and inter-operability between our partners' databases. The implementation of a server-based on-line repository, provided by OneData, allows a better and faster synchronisation with our partners, permitting the data donor to continue managing its own collections of digital objects, while allowing our institute to maintain the supervision rights on the whole process."

Luca Martinelli

CulturaItalia/MuseiD-Italia webmaster, ICCU - Istituto Centrale per il Catalogo Unico​


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