INDIGO MidnightBlue Service Catalogue

Dear Readers,

It is with great pleasure that I introduce to you the first edition of the INDIGO-DataCloud Service Catalogue.

When in spring 2014 we started to define the project that eventually became INDIGO-DataCloud, we were clearly aware that scientists in Europe and elsewhere had significant troubles in designing and running their applications, in archiving and processing their data, so that these could easily and efficiently exploit distributed resources. We are scientists ourselves, and we saw that e-infrastructures were there, the cloud computing paradigm had boomed already and was getting more and more popular in both public and private enterprises, and still severe technological gaps often prevented scientific communities from effectively using the resources that in many cases were available to them.

We therefore asked ourselves how we could expand and integrate the massive amount of good software solutions that were being made available at different levels by the open source community, so that we would not reinvent the wheel, and focus instead on the concrete and specific needs of scientific communities and resource centers. We gathered around the project big European e-infrastructures, an incredible amount of developers know-how coming from many years of experience in dealing with big data processing, cloud and grid technologies, we raised the interest of key industrial players. Most importantly many multidisciplinary scientific communities, including physics, bioinformatics, cultural heritage preservation,  earth sciences, astronomy, life sciences, climatology and many others, enthusiastically decided to join the INDIGO-DataCloud Consortium.

What you are reading now is the first concrete result output of the INDIGO-DataCloud project, made possible by resulting from a formidable collaborative effort by the entire collaboration: a novel, powerful set of software services that make it possible to federate hybrid resources, to easily write and run your scientific applications on the cloud, to present them through a variety of standard interfaces. They are all freely downloadable as open source components, and are currently being integrated into many scientific applications.

We believe this is an important concrete step towards the realization of a European Open Science Cloud. Feel free to browse this Catalogue, experiment with the solutions we provide, and do not forget to send us your feedback and comments. We are looking forward to deploying the INDIGO-DataCloud software stack in many e-infrastructures and scientific applications, and are convinced that this effort will give scientists, in Europe and elsewhere, the possibility to produce more results, more easily. This is indeed the ultimate goal of the INDIGO-DataCloud, reflected in its motto: “Better Software for Better Science”.


Happy reading!

Davide Salomoni

INDIGO-DataCloud Project Coordinator