INDIGO Plug-ins for scientific workflow systems

Workflow management systems provide an infrastructure for the set-up, performance and monitoring of a defined sequence of tasks, arranged as a workflow by using resources and services made available by providers and other communities.

The INDIGO Plug-ins for scientific workflow systems are aimed at interacting with the already available INDIGO solutions, facilitating the deployment of complex  scientific workflow.

This plugin could be used in order to allow to exploit the INDIGO APIs and submit requests for execution of applications directly from the workflow manager to the INDIGO APIs.

  • Indigo-DC client API is Java based library that can perform calls to Future Gateway API. This library provide basic means for accessing resources provided by Indigo-DC project. It can be used by Java based applications as Workflow manager like Kepler.

Short Service Name: 
indigoclient, indigoKepler
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High-level APIs and Portals