INDIGO & T-Systems Open Telekom Cloud


T-Systems, one of the world's leading vendor and independent providers of digital services in Europe, is integrating INDIGO Advanced Components and Solutions to manage containerized applications in the Open Telekom Cloud (OTC), a public cloud with flexible IT resources and compliant with strict German data protection regulations.

Interview with Jurry de la Mar, Account Director, Public Sector at T-Systems,
August 2017


T-Systems ( offers SaaS, PaaS and IaaS cloud solutions. For several years, the main demand has come from industry and therefore solutions e.g., Dynamic SAP, Office365, Salesforce and vCloud have been a main focus with strong growth. INDIGO gave T-Systems the chance to further develop the company portfolio also towards  scientific computing. Thanks to INDIGO, T-Systems extended its portfolio with the  introduction of Open Telekom Cloud (OTC), an open source public-cloud service based on OpenStack. OTC provides many of the key functionalities identified in INDIGO already as a service, e.g. Containers, Orchestration and Federated ID. And such platform services are more and more in demand now in both science and  industry.

“We learned much more in detail what the science community requires to make better use of IT and in particular how to get access to the benefits of containers and cloud computing - Jurry de la Mar, Account Director, Public Sector at T-Systems, explains - And to understand better what were the innovation gaps to be addressed in order to provide solutions to overcome these gaps”.

The chosen approach was to bring together the knowledge of leading science organizations and industry players and a main reason for T-Systems to join the INDIGO project.

T-Systems Open Telekom CloudAn enlarged portfolio thanks to INDIGO integration.

INDIGO has also provided T-Systems with two key new value services. First, users can now easily select and configure a preferred PaaS toolset for their workload, not just the infrastructure components. Second, users can integrate next-generation transparent data management in a federated environment e.g. with the ONEDATA solution. Again, following the INDIGO approach the  functionality can simply be selected and automatically configured to run through templates.  That will add a totally new value for users, being able to start using hybrid cloud scenarios, with transparent access to data wherever they physically are, dedicated or shared, and being able to allocate the data to the best-fit storage system, either on-premise for compliance or dynamically in the cloud for best cost-performance.

A win-win strategy for science and industry.  

When serving a large base of industry and science clients it is important to support a wide variety of cloud scenarios ranging from IaaS to PaaS to SaaS. And to provide the services 24/7 all the time with committed service levels. “T-Systems objective is to provide INDIGO users a reliable commercial service out-of-the-box – Jurry says - that they can use to extend existing data center resources or to run on-demand projects with specific requirements”. A key benefit of INDIGO is that the results of the project are available as open source. That enables T‑Systems to use the results on OTC and scale them for big projects and a large customer base at very low incremental costs.  Sustainability is ensured by charging a limited on-demand service fee for the use of the tools, that is being reinvested in maintenance and further development. The model has proven already successful e.g. for database and MapReduce services that are provided on OTC.

“Open source has proven to be a key asset in business and commercial services. Linux and OpenStack are great examples of success. The value of projects like INDIGO is that take-up of new components from research can be accelerated and communities supporting the open source component can be validated regarding skill, significance and motivation to support business use. INDIGO has had a strong influence on T‑Systems cloud portfolio and we very much look forward to a continuous exchange with the science community”. Jurry de la Mar, Account Director, Public Sector at T-Systems


T-Systems serves some 200.000 customers mainly based in Europe, ranging from large enterprises to SMEs to public sector organisations. A large number of them have already started to use cloud services, also in mission-critical applications. And INDIGO has made OTC a very attractive, fully  open-source based option for both existing and new customers to run more applications and workloads efficiently in the cloud.