Industrial perspectives of adoption

Several companies have been enriching their portfolio through direct contributions, adoption or customisation of INDIGO components. Their stories of adoption are presented below.

INDIGO & T-Systems Open Telekom Cloud

T-Systems, one of the world's leading vendors and independent providers of digital services in Europe,  integrated INDIGO Advanced Components and Solutions to manage containerized applications in the Open Telekom Cloud (OTC), a public cloud with flexible IT resources and compliant with strict German data protection regulations.

INDIGO has influenced T-Systems to extend its portfolio with the introduction of Open Telekom Cloud (OTC), an open source public-cloud service based on OpenStack. OTC provides many of the key  functionalities identified in INDIGO already as a service, e.g. Containers, Orchestration and Federated ID. And such platform services are more and more in demand now in both science and  industry. INDIGO has also provided T-Systems with two key new value services. First, users can now easily select and configure a preferred PaaS toolset for their workload, not just the infrastructure components. Second, users can integrate next-generation transparent data management in a federated environment e.g. with the ONEDATA solution.

“INDIGO gave us the chance to further develop our portfolio towards  scientific computing. We learned much more in detail what the science community requires to make better use of IT and in particular how to get access to the benefits of containers and cloud computing”. Jurry de la Mar, Account Director, Public Sector at T-Systems

INDIGO results are available as open source. That enables T Systems to use them on OTC and scale them for big projects and a large customer bases at very low incremental costs.  Sustainability is ensured by charging a limited on-demand service fee for the use of the tools, that is being re-invested in maintenance and further development. The model has already proven successful e.g. for database and MapReduce services that are provided on OTC.

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INDIGO and Atos Cloud Solutions

Atos in interested in further developing Indigo solutions in order to enhance and improve available tools set for own customers.

Atos further developed INDIGO solutions to enhance and improve available tools set for their own customers. Atos Cloud Solutions,advocates of openness and avoidance of vendor-locking by relying on OpenStack and Open Nebula, two wide spread and well know Open Source technologies, to provide its services. INDIGO-DATACLOUD services facilitate interoperability among these two open technologies. INDIGO Extended OpenStack and OpenNebula Functionalities  and INDIGO Core PaaS  have been assessed and could be candidates for its integration on top of the two IaaS Cloud offerings based on Open Nebula and Open Stack.

“As with the business sector, many organizations in the scientific research community ask to take advantage of the benefits associated with cloud computing. However, the market lacked a platform, like INDIGO-DataCloud, that was truly suitable for their needs: with the community demanding huge computational power, interoperability with their own environments, as well as the highest levels of data protection in compliance with the privacy regulations across member states of the EU”. Ana Juan Ferrer, Head of Cloud and Services Lab at Atos Research and Innovation

Atos is specifically interested in further development of the following INDIGO Components: Data Solutions Extended, OpenStack and OpenNebula Functionalities (nova-docker, TOSCA in HEAT, ONEDock, DockerHub Sync,) and Automated Solutions, Core PaaS (Kubernetes Monitoring Accounting)

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INDIGO and IBM OpenStack

IBM is a founding member of the OpenStack foundation. INDIGO and IBM worked together to contribute to OpenStack and TOSCA Open Initiatives.

IBM has lead several projects and initiatives in the OpenStack upstream development and one of them was leading TOSCA integration in OpenStack. IBM OpenStack contributors worked with the OpenStack Heat community to create a new Heat project dedicated to TOSCA integration in OpenStack. INDIGO contributions  to the TOSCA OpenStack projects have enabled TOSCA projects for better parsing of TOSCA simple profile in YAML, Ansible deployment support, Keystone based security enhancement and many new use cases - just to name a few.

"The project needed a number of improvements, as it was in its early stages, it especially needed real-life use cases and that’s exactly what the INDIGO project team was providing along with code contributions. This is when the collaboration was started and it only grew stronger. IBM and INDIGO contributors jointly presented the work in a main session at the OpenStack Austin Summit 2017 and OpenStack Barcelona Summit 2017". Sahdev Zala, Senior Software Engineer at IBM

Some of the companies which are either contributors or users of OpenStack Heat-Translator and OpenStack TOSCA-Parser projects are Brocade, Fujitsu, GigaSpaces, Huawei, IBM, Nokia, Tata Consultancy Service and ZTE Corporation. 

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