INDRA is the leading Spanish Information Technologies company, with revenues of 2,167 M€. Indra is now the reference Spanish company in Information Technologies, and comprises over 40,000 professionals in 17 countries. Indra is organized around six business areas: Public Administration and Healthcare, Finance and Insurance, Energy and industry, Defence and Security, Telecom and Media and Transport and Traffic.
Innovation is the basis of INDRA’s strategy, which has been reflected in the quality of solutions and services developed by the professionals who form part of Indra and the internal progress of its organization. Investment in R&D&i forms an essential part of corporate innovation processes. This investment effort was reflected by INDRA’s position of third place in Spain in every sector within the European ranking of the 1,000 highest investors in R&D. 

A large part of INDRA’s innovation activities relate to specific projects clearly designed to meet emerging technological demands from final users. The company therefore participates in many institutional initiatives to support R&D&i, both in Spain (such as the PROFIT programme sponsored by the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade) and abroad (the EU’s Framework Programme for R&D&i). The significance of innovation for INDRA’s business in a global market generates the need for collaboration with many corporations and institutions. In this respect, universities are key innovation partners. Moreover, INDRA has alliances with the most important technological suppliers: Google, Oracle, SAP, SUN, HP, IBM, Microsoft, etc.