Poznań Supercomputing and Networking Center (PSNC) is affiliated to the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences. PSNC employs about 250+ people divided into four departments. It is an HPC Center, Systems and Network Security Center as well as R&D Center of Future Internet, e-Infrastructure, Digital Content, Portals and Mobile Applications. PSNC is also the operator of Polish National Research and Education Network PIONIER, which is connected to the GEANT2 network, Operator of Poznań Metropolitan Area Network POZMAN.

PSNC is a leading HPC center in Poland with its 300+ Tflops of computing power, storage and data management infrastructure, providing direct support for the scientific communities in Poland as well as in Europe (e.g. Nuclear Fusion, Astrophysics, Bioinformatics, Chemistry). It has been coordinating 6 international EU projects (e.g. DORII, RINGRID, GRIDLAB, Phosphorus, Porta Optica, CoolAmAll) and participated (or participating) in 80+ European and national projects (PRACE, EUDAT, IGE, NEXPRES, EGI_INSPIRE, EUFORIA, EUROFusion etc.). PSNC is the Microsoft Innovation Center and one of the founding members of PRACE AISBL, and a partner of Polish NGI. PSNC takes an active part in many international conferences and forums, including the Open Grid Forum, e-IRG. 

PSNC has long record of expertise in developing, deploying and supporting scientific workflows frameworks (e.g. VLAB, KIWI, Kepler). It is official contributor and part of the leadership (as European representative) of the Kepler scientific workflow system and community. PSNC has expertise in developing native mobile apps (e.g. Conference4me, SmartZoo, ePodreczniki) for different platforms(iOS, WindowsPhone, Android). PSNC has expertise in developing cloud related tools to support PaaS approach like plugins from private cloud to public clouds, services to be offered for SMEs in clouds.

PSNC will lead WP6, and contribute to the User Interface/Toolkits in particular mobile apps, having large expertise in developing mobile apps.(apps: Conference4me, smartzoo, ePodreczniki) PSNC will contribute to tasks relate with scientific workflows having long record of expertise in scientific workflows orchestration area (tools: Kepler, VLAB, KIWI, projects: EUFORIA, EFDA ITM-TF, EGI_Inspire, PLGridPlus, NEXPRES). PSNC will contribute its experience (see below) related to design, deployment, scalability and performance analysis and optimisation of distributed, HPC and cloud data storage, access and management systems. PSNC development team is competent in the area of system programming, storage interfaces design and development, distributed data management software development etc. Particular topics that can be dealt by PSNC include: data access, pseudo-local transparent data caching, stage-in/stage-out mechanisms, POSIX-drives/virtual filesystems (Linux, Windows, Mac) for transparent data access, storage protocols translation and adaptors for undelying IaaS and external storage systems. PSNC have a background and participates in EUDAT in PRACE and can develop interfaces: to EUDAT (HTTP/CDMI, iRODS, EUDAT storage federations) and PRACE (GridFTP, SFTP).