The Grid and High Performance Computing Group (GRyCAP) from the UPV, has a very strong background in Distributed, Cloud Computing and Data Management, especially in the area of Biomedicine. GRyCAP has shared and extended its expertise through active participation in over 30 national and European R&D projects on HPC, Grid and Cloud technologies. These projects include HPCN-TTN Network, EUTIST-M and TT@MED – technology dissemination; EGEE-I, II, III, EGI- InSPIRE and VENUS-C – e-infrastructures. It is one of the founders of the Institute for Instrumentation for Molecular Imaging (I3M); took part in the International HealthGrid Association; has developed a roadmap on the use of grids in health (SHARE), and boasts a solid research line in the distributed storage of medical imaging data through the TRENCADIS platform (CVIMO project). Relevant GRyCAP expertise includes: the coordination of the cloud end-user community (27 applications, 20 coming from an Open Call) in the VENUS-C project, one of the first cloud projects to feature in the DAE, the development of distributed and GridComputing platforms with Latin American countries: CyTED-GRiD, EELA and EELA-2, the EU-BrazilOpenBio Project and the EUBrazil Cloud Connect project (the UPV is the coordinator), and development of high-level middleware components for cloud infrastructures in the Spanish Codecloud project (and the recently approved CLUVIEM project) and coordination of the Spanish Network for e-Science to implement the Spanish National Grid Initiative (NGI). The UPV has a close collaboration with the bioinformatics institute of the Research centre Prince Phillipe (CIPF) and the Center for Public Health Research (CSISP).

The participation of the UPV will be two-fold. First, the UPV will provide the link to medical imaging databank communities active in EUroBioImaging and BBMRI ESFRIS. In this sense, UPV will gather requirements from participating communities and implement the pilot use case. Second, the UPV will participate in Cloud Computing Virtualization and in High-level geographical scheduling (APIs), leveraging consolidated experience in national and international initiatives in automatic configuration and elastic management of infrastructures. The UPV will also actively participate in the dissemination of the project results.