The Academic Computing Centre CYFRONET AGH (CYFRONET), a part of AKADEMIA GÓRNICZOHUTNICZA in Cracow, is one of the major academic computing centres in Poland. The Centre offers a variety of consulting services. CYFRONET possesses large experience in both capability and capacity computing, in the fields of knowledge/experience management as well as in High Performance Computing, parallel computing, Grid environments, distributed data management, gained through participation in such EU projects as Pellucid, CrossGrid, COREGrid, Virolab, K-WfGrid, BalticGrid, Gredia,, PL-GRID, POVIEW, PLATON, PRACE, PRACE-1P, PRACE-2IP, and many others. Currently Cyfronet ZEUS computer is ranked at 175th position in TOP500 world supercomputing centre ranking (as of June 2014).