Presentations and screencasts

General and ICT-related events at which INDIGO-DataCloud was presented (talks & posters) are listed in the table below:


Event Date & location Type of engagement Target audience

EGI Conference 2015

18-22 May, 2015, Lisbon Presentation: “Integrating distributed data infrastructures with Indigo-DataCloud” by G. Donvito Scientific community, community managers, research &
e- infrastructures

e-Infrastructures & RDA for data intensive science: pre-RDA plenary workshops

22 September 2015, Paris
  • Presentation: “INDIGO-DataCloud” by D. Salomoni
  • Poster
Researchers, scientists, research communities, community managers, research & e- infrastructures

RDA Plenary 6

23-25 September 2015, Paris Presentations Data Practitioners from all over the world

ISC Cloud & Big Data conference

28-30 September 2015, Frankfurt Presentation: “INDIGO-DataCloud: Open Source Integration of Cloud Resources for Scientific Communities” by D. Salomoni Cloud Computing experts & big data research & einfrastructures

LSDMA Symposium - The Challenge of Big Data in Science

1 October 2015, Karlsruhe, Germany Presentation: “INDIGO DataCloud” by I. Campos Data practitioners, computer scientist

HEPiX Fall 2015

14 October 2015, Upton NY, USA Presentation: “Improving IaaS resources to accommodate scientific applications”.Á. López García, P. Fuhrmann, G. Donvito, and A. Chierici Computer scientist, framework developers


20-22 October 2015, Lisbon Booth & presentations All ICT stakeholders

OpenNebula Conference 2015

20-22 October 2015, Barcelona Presentation: “The INDIGO-Datacloud Project” by S. Bagnasco Computer scientist, framework developers

EGI Community Forum 2015

10-13 November 2015, Bari General and community-specific presentations & poster Scientific community, community managers, research &
e- infrastructures

International Symposium on Grids and Clouds (ISGC) 2016

13-18 March, 2016, Taipei Presentation: “INDIGO-DataCloud: enabling collaboration in an identity-rich world” by A. Ceccanti Scientific community, community managers, research & e- infrastructures

Cloudscape 2016

08-09 March 2016, Brussels Project & demo presentations Cloud Computing experts, industries, scientists & policy makers

Cloud Computing - Conferencias de la Escuela
Superior de Informática

Mar. 16, 2016, Universidad de Castilla - la Mancha (Spain) Presentation: “Computaciòn Cientifica en la nube” by A. Lopez Garcia Cloud Computing experts

EGI Conference 2016

05-08 April 2016, Amsterdam ● Co-organization of the EGI & INDIGO workshop: Towards co-design:
understanding requirements
● Presentation: “Enhancement of the FutureGateway and workflows
frameworks in order to support within INDIGO Platform the use cases provided by the INDIGO Communities”, R. Barbera et al.
● Presentation: “How the INDIGODataCloud computing platform aims at
helping scientific communities”, G. Donvito et al.
● Presentation: “INDIGO AAI” by A. Ceccanti
Cloud Computing experts, industries, scientists & policy makers

RDA-DE Workshop

May 2016, Hamburg Hands-on tutorial on usage the Kepler Scientific Workflow System (including INDIGO-DataCloud extension) Researchers, scientists, research communities,
community managers, research & e- infrastructures

Geant F2F Meet Up on Openstack-Federated
Identity integration

17-18 October 2016, Rome Presentation: “The INDIGO-DataCloud AAI” by A. Ceccanti Research & einfrastructures

OpenStack Summit 2016

October 27, 2016, Barcelona ● Presentation: “Scaling Science Clouds in Europe with TOSCA and Heat Translator”, S. Zala, M. Velten, and Á. López García
● Presentation: “Introducing Preemptible Instances in OpenStack”, Á. López García
Computer scientist, framework developers

DI4R conference

28-30 September 2016, Krakow ● Session dedicated to INDIGO-DataCloud titled: “The INDIGO-DataCloud Service portfolio and scientific usage scenarios”
● 11 scientific community use-cases related poster contribution
Researchers, scientists, research communities,
community managers, research & e- infrastructures

CHEP2016 - International Conference on Computing in High Energy and Nuclear Physics

10-14 October 2016, San Francisco

● Poster: “The INDIGO-DataCloud Authentication and Authorisation

● Poster: “A FairShare Scheduling Service for OpenNebula”
● Poster: “Abstracting application deployment on Cloud infrastructures”
● Poster: “Mesos exploitation within INDIGO-DataCloud for multi-site longrunning services, computational workloads and advanced PaaS features”
● Poster: “Optimizing the resource usage in Cloud based environments: the Synergy approach”
● Poster: “Facilitating the deployment and exploitation of HEP Phenomenol- ogy codes using INDIGO-Datacloud tools”
● Talk on “Unified data access to e-Infrastructure, Cloud and personal storage within INDIGO-DataCloud”
● Talk on “OCCAM: a flexible, multipurpose and extendable HPC cluster”;
● Talk on “Improved Cloud resource allocation: how INDIGO-Datacloud is
overcoming the current limitations in Cloud scheduler”
● Talk on “Storage Quality-of-Service in Cloud-based Scientific Environments: A Standardization Approach”
● Talk on “Geographically distributed Batch System as a Service: the INDIGODataCloud approach exploiting HTCondor”
● Talk on “INDIGO-Datacloud: a Cloudbased Platform as a Service oriented to scientific computing for the exploitation of heterogeneous resources”
● Talk on “TOSCA-based orchestration of complex clusters at the IaaS level”
● Talk on “The Cloud Area Padovana: from pilot to production”
● Talk on “dCache, managed Cloud Storage”

Researchers, einfrastructures, HPC experts

OpenNebulaConf 2016

24-26 October 2016, Barcelona Presentation: “ONEDock: Docker as a hypervisor in ONE”, Carlos de Alfonso (UPV) Cloud Computing experts, industries, scientists & policy makers
ACM Computing Frontier 2017 Workshop on Big Data Analytics May 15, 2017 - Siena, Italy Talk on “Big Data Analytics on Large-Scale Scientific Datasets in the INDIGODataCloud Project” Data practitioners, computer scientists
EaPEC2017-Eastern Partnership E-infrastructure
27-28 September, Minks Presentation about INDIGO-DataCloud (D.Salomoni) Community managers, research & e- infrastructures
11th Annual Meeting of the Helmholtz Alliance "Physics at the Terascale" 27-29 November 2017 DESY,
Presentation: “Early Adopter of udocker for Phenomenology codes” by Emanuele Bagnaschi Researchers, einfrastructures, HPC experts
Lattice 2017 conference June, 18-24, 2017, Granada,
INDIGO promoted the software development session Theoretical physicists
WLCG AuthZ Meeting 11 October, 2017, Videoconference Presentation: “INDIGO AAI” by A. Ceccanti HEP scientific community
2017 IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium and Medical Imaging Conference (upcoming) 21-28 October, 2017, Atlanta (USA)
  • Presentation: “The INDIGO-DataCloud project: enabling software technologies for efficient and effective use of Cloud computing and storage for science” by D. Salomoni et al.
  • Presentation: "Software reliability: Experiences in European scientific research projects and new trends" by P. Orviz et al.
Nuclear Science community