Reply Santer

Santer Reply is part of the Reply international group, an Italian- and Germany-based company specialized in Internet of Things / Services software development, system integration and solution provisioning to several markets, including manufacturing, logistics and public administration. For Central Public Administration and the National Health Service, Reply leverages its experience gained in the most advanced online services, integrating applications and competencies to create specific solutions to manage relations with the citizen.

Reply’s Cloud Computing offering is based on:

  • End to End Consulting (from the process to the operative management) which is able to support clients in understanding, selecting and guide in the evolution of the most suitable technological and application solution;
  • Proprietary Enterprise Private Cloud platform to help organisations to rapidly introduce this new method of supplying services in companies.

SaaS solutions are based on Reply’s main application platforms (TamTamyTM, SideUp ReplyTM, Gaia ReplyTM, Discovery ReplyTM). Consolidated partnerships with Amazon, Google, Microsoft and Oracle enable Reply to anticipate innovative technological competencies in Cloud Computing and SaaS platforms and make them immediately available to clients.
Santer Reply has created integration projects of hybrid Cloud Computing infrastructures belonging to public providers, adapting their business processes. Santer Reply has developed horizontal scalability algorithms for realtime monitoring and metering systems and works on cloud paradigm for the analysis of solutions and synergies with existing projects for the reuse of the Open Source components of a Smart City Platform. Also, Santer Reply studies methodologies and tools for the distributed management including monitoring, resource optimization and autoscalability.

Santer Reply will act as system integrator on cloud solutions contributing to WP3, WP4 and WP5 making use of its extensive experience on research and innovation for cloud, internet of things and public administration services.Santer Reply will use its strong experience on overall cloud architecture analysis and its extensive experience on cloud monitoring and metering systems to develop orchestrator innovative features and integrating different PAAS concept adherent to devops methodologies.