Scientific papers and articles

The published articles about or with a reference and credits to INDIGO-DataCloud are listed below.

♦ Salomoni, D.; Campos, I.; Gaido, L.; Donvito, G.; Antonacci, M.; Fuhrman, P.; Marco, J.; Lopez-Garcia, A.; Orviz, P.; Blanquer, I.; Caballer, M.; Molto, G.; Plociennik, M.; Owsiak, M.; Urbaniak, M.; Hardt, M.; Ceccanti, A.; Wegh, B.; Gomes, J.; David, M.; Aiftimiei, C.; Dutka, L.; Kryza, B.; Szepieniec, T.; Fiore, S.; Aloisio, G.; Barbera, R.; Bruno, R.; Fargetta, M.; Giorgio, E.; Reynaud, S.;  Schwarz, L.; Dorigo, A.; Bell, T.; Rocha, R. "INDIGO-Datacloud: foundations and architectural description of a Platform as a Service oriented to scientific computing"arXiv:1603.09536

♦ D. Salomoni, I. Campos, L. Gaido, G. Donvito, P. Fuhrman, J. Marco, A. Lopez-Garcia, P. Orviz, I. Blanquer, G. Molto, M. Plociennik, M. Owsiak, M. Urbaniak, M. Hardt, A. Ceccanti, B. Wegh, J. Gomes, M. David, J. Pina, L. Alves, J. Martins, C. Aiftimiei, L. Dutka, S. Fiore, G. Aloisio, R. Barbera, R. Bruno, M. Fargetta, E. Giorgio, S. Reynaud, L. Schwarz, D. Spiga, T. Bell, R. Rocha, M. Viljoen and the INDIGO-DataCloud Collaboration. "INDIGO-DataCloud: Project Achievements", arXiv:1711.01981

♦ Sandro Fiore, Cosimo Palazzo, Alessandro D'Anca, Donatello Elia, Elisa Londero, Cristina Knapic, Stephen Monna, Nicola M. Marcucci, Fernando Aguilar, Marcin Płóciennik, Jesús E. Marco De Lucas and Giovanni Aloisio. 2017. "Big Data Analytics on Large-Scale Scientific Datasets in the INDIGODataCloud Project". In Proceedings of the Computing Frontiers Conference (CF'17). ACM, New York,NY, USA, 343-348. DOI:

♦ Alessandro D'Anca, Cosimo Palazzo, Donatello Elia, Sandro Fiore, Ioannis Bistinas, Kristin Böttcher, Victoria Bennett, and Giovanni Aloisio. 2017. "On the Use of In-Memory Analytics Workflows to Compute eScience Indicators from Large Climate Datasets". In Proceedings of the 17th IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Cluster, Cloud and Grid Computing (CCGrid '17). IEEE Press, Piscataway, NJ, USA, 1035-1043. DOI:

♦ Sandro Fiore, Marcin Plóciennik, Charles M. Doutriaux, Cosimo Palazzo, J. Boutte, Tomasz Zok, Donatello Elia, Michal Owsiak, Alessandro D'Anca, Z. Shaheen, Riccardo Bruno, Marco Fargetta, Miguel Caballer, Germán Moltó, Ignacio Blanquer, Roberto Barbera, Mário David, Giacinto Donvito, Dean N. Williams, V. Anantharaj, Davide Salomoni and Giovanni Aloisio, "Distributed and cloudbased multi-model analytics experiments on large volumes of climate change data in the earth system grid federation eco-system" 2016 IEEE International Conference on Big Data (Big Data), Washington, DC, 2016, pp. 2911-2918. doi: 10.1109/BigData.2016.7840941

♦ Martin Luescher, Stochastic locality and master-field simulations of very large lattices,, to appear in EPJ

♦ Á. López García, E. Fernández-del-Castillo, P. Orviz Fernández, I. Campos Plasencia, and J. Marco de Lucas. Resource provisioning in Science Clouds: Requirements and challenges”. In: Software: Practice and Experience (2017). 10.1002/spe.2544, n/a–n/a. ISSN: 1097-024X. DOI: 10.1002/spe.2544.

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♦ Á. López García, E. Fernández-del-Castillo, and P. Orviz Fernández. “Standards for enabling heterogeneous IaaS cloud federations”. In: Computer Standards & Interfaces 47 (Feb. 2016), pp. 19–23. ISSN: 0920-5489. DOI: 10.1016/j.csi.2016.02.002.

♦ B. Ertl, U. Stevanovic, A. Hayrapetyan, B. Wegh, M. Hardt, Identity Harmonization for Federated HPC, Grid and Cloud Services, High Performance Computing & Simulation, 2016 International Conference, 621--627,2016, DOI: 10.1109/HPCSim.2016.7568393

♦ Germán Moltó, Miguel Caballer, Alfonso Pérez, Carlos de Alfonso and Ignacio Blanquer, Coherent Application Delivery on Hybrid Distributed Computing Infrastructures of Virtual Machines and Docker Containers, paper in the 25th Euromicro international Conference on Parallel, Distributed and Network-based Processing (PDP 2017) Conference. INDIGO-DataCloud RIA-653549 © Members of INDIGO-DataCloud collaboration PUBLIC 33 / 41

♦ Miguel Caballer, Sahdev Zala, Álvaro López García, Germán Moltó, Pablo Orviz Fernández, Mathieu Velten. “Orchestrating complex application architectures in heterogeneous clouds”, accepted for publication in the Special Issue in Cloud Orchestration for the Journal of Grid Computing. ISSN: 1572-9184.

♦ E. Bagnaschi, K. Sakurai, M. Borsato, O. Buchmueller, M. Citron, J. Costa, A. De Roeck, M.J. Dolan, J.R. Ellis, H. Flächer, S. Heinemeyer, M. Lucio, D. Martínez Santos, K.A. Olive, A. Richards, V.C. Spanos, I. Suárez Fernández, G. Weiglein. "Likelihood Analysis of the pMSSM11 in Light of LHC 13-TeV Data",  Arxiv link:

♦ Jorge Gomes, Isabel Campos, Emanuele Bagnaschi, Mario David, Luis Alves, Joao Martins, Joao Pina, Alvaro Lopez-Garcia, Pablo Orviz. "Enabling rootless Linux Containers in multi-user environments: the udocker tool",  Arxiv link:

♦ Isabel Campos, Patrick Fritzsch, Martin Hansen, Marina Krstić Marinković, Agostino Patella, Alberto Ramos, Nazario Tantalo. "openQ*D simulation code for QCD+QED", Arxiv link: