Training materials

INDIGO-DataCloud training activities organized in different countries during the project timeframe are available below:

INFN internal training event on the INDIGO software for scientific use cases (in Italian), Bari,June 19-21, 2017
● INFN internal training event on “INDIGO-DataCloud MidnightBlue Tutorial Days”, Bologna, December 19-21, 2016
INDIGO/SciGaia Summer Hackfest, Catania, July 4-15, 2016
WACREN e-Research Hackfest, Lagos (Nigeria), November 21-30, 2016
EthERNet e-Research Hackfest, Addis Ababa (Ethiopia), February 13-24, 2017
WEST-LIFE Cloud Orchestration training week, Brno, April 3-7, 2017