Utrecht University (U.Utrecht) is the 11th European university, 52nd worldwide and the best ranked nationally according to the 2013 Shanghai ranking. The Bijvoet Center for Biomolecular Research. a joint research institute of Utrecht University and the Chemical Sciences Research Council (NWO-CW), which aims to gain insight into structure and the function relationships of biomolecules involved in recognition, interaction, and regulatory processes. It hosts several European experimental infrastructures (in mass spectrometry – FP7 I3 Prime-XS project – and in NMR – FP7 I3 BioNMR project) and is an INSTRUCT centre. The NMR group, which is part of the Bijvoet Center, combined expertise in liquid-state and solid-state NMR together with molecular and computational Structural Biology and hosts one of the largest experimental NMR infrastructure worldwide. It has a long-standing participation in EU-funded programs, including in particular the e-Infrastructure eNMR and WeNMR projects (the latter was coordinated by Utrecht). The team’s recent work has been published in top journals, including Science and Nature. 

U.Utrecht will be leading Task2.3 “Application Test and Validation” in WP2, whose main objective is to ensure that all the middleware and other solutions developed in INDICO are meeting the needs and requirements of the various user communities. It will also be involved in dissemination activities, building in particular on its large INSTRUCT and WeNMR user communities and networks.