INDIGO Roadmap

The path towards INDIGO-DataCloud Release

The INDIGO-DataCloud developments will target three software layers. The lower layer, the “Resource Virtualization” (WP4), will deliver cloud IaaS, HTC and HPC enhancements enabling seamless access to a wide range of existing infrastructures using standard APIs. The middle layer, the “PaaS Platform Development” (WP5), will deliver PaaS capabilities that will leverage the “Resource Virtualization” functionalities to federate heterogeneous computing, storage and network resources providing elasticity and orchestration. The upper layer, the “Portal Workflows and User Interfaces” (WP6), will make use of the PaaS layer, through data access and application deployment APIs provided by WP5, to provide user friendly frontends such as Scientific Gateways, desktop and mobile interfaces, to enable complex application workflows aimed at big data analytics. 

The maintenance and development of the INDIGO-DataCloud components and services is illustrated in the image below:

The INDIGO-DataCloud distribution is organized in time-based major releases tentatively delivered in M14 and M24 of the project. Component releases are classified in major, minor, revision and emergency, based on the impact of the changes on the component interface and behavior.

Major Releases

Taking into consideration the length of the project, the rapidly evolving cloud-environment, the need to offer stability to production infrastructures and in the same time to address requirements from user communities, the INDIGO-DataCloud major releases will be supported and maintained for 10 months after the release date. The availability of a new major release of INDIGO-DataCloud does not automatically obsolete the previous ones and multiple major releases may be supported at the same time according to their negotiated end-of-life policies. 

Taking into account the rapidly changing environment, especially some of the upstream release cycles (e.g. OpenStack), the INDIGO-DataCloud maintenance schedule is organised in the following periods: 

  • Full maintenance period: during this period updates are released to address issues in the code and provide new features for each supported INDIGO-DataCloud major release (6 months)

  • Standard maintenance period: during this period updates are released to address issues in the code, but no new feature is introduced, for each supported INDIGO-DataCloud major release (2 months)

  • Security updates period: during this period only updates targeting security vulnerabilities are provided for each supported INDIGO-DataCloud major release (2 months)

  • End-of-life period: in this period no updates or support are provided. The end-of-life period starts after the end of the security updates period.



Release Date

End of full updates

End of standard updates

End of Security updates and EOL

INDIGO-1 - MidnightBlue





INDIGO-2 - ElectricIndigo







Dates in italics are tentative estimates - they fall outside the INDIGO-DataCloud project duration and depend on the individual partners’ commitments to their supported products