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The CTA Community

The CTA community is a worldwide community which gather together about 31 countries, ~1200 participants, ~180 institutes and ~400 FTE. The CTA is array of about 120 telescopes in two sites (20 in the northern hemisphere and 100 in the southern hemisphere) it is foreseen an increase by a factor 10 on the VHE gamma sensitivity on a wider band (from 0.02 to 100TeV), thus permitting more than 1000 new gamma ray sources to be detected. It will work as on observatory producing a huge amount of data (~300PB), these data should be accessed, stored, managed and an easy access should be provided to such a huge amount of data at different user level.


INDIGO Champions and use case: Lucio Angelo Antonelli and Stefano Gallozzi, INAF, Italy



The worldwide Astronomical Community

In principle, the Large Binocular Telescope (LBT) use case is quite identical for several ground-based telescopes. The major telescopes in the world are financed by public government and are available for public institutes research. For some years, public institutes like INAF adopted a policy on data that allow publication of data after one year by the end of the observing program. This means those data are public to the entire Astronomical community. Using VO compliant services, the LBT INAF data are available to the whole astronomical community. LBT data archive could handle both private and public data at the same time and the mutation of data status is automatic.

The Astronomical community is spread worldwide and thanks to the work done in the scope of the VO, all the VO clients available to retrieve, manage, handle Astronomical data handle fully interoperable data.


INDIGO Champion and use case: Cristina Knapic, INAF-OATs, Italy


Application cases & demos

Distributed Archive System for the Cherenkov Telescope Array

Ophidia for the Large Binocular Telescope (LBT) Distributed Archive

CMS analysis cluster on-demand