The technology

The INDIGO-DataCloud architecture, schematically shown in the picture below, is structured among three Work Packages:

  • WP4 deals with compute, data and network virtualization at the local (site-specific) level
  • WP5 deals with the development of components at the Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) level
  • WP6 deals with the presentation of services to end users through extensible scientific portals and data workflows

The components shown in the architectural picture are color coded: elements in yellow are based on already available open source solutions that INDIGO is adapting/improving, while elements in orange are to be developed completely by the project.

The foundations of the architecture are based on well-established open components, like:

To facilitate interoperability and standardization, the INDIGO architecture adopts standards such as​ OCCI, CDMI and TOSCA and exploits scalable products such as HTCondor, FTS, dCache.