Social science & Humanities

DARIAH-EU pan-european network for arts and humanities scholars

DARIAH ( is a pan-european social and technical infrastructure for arts and humanities scholars working with computational methods focused on supporting digital research, as well as the teaching of digital research methods. It is composed of people, expertise, methods, tools and technologies for investigating, exploring and supporting work across the wide spectrum of the digital arts and humanities.

DARIAH is a network which connects several hundreds of scholars and dozens of research facilities, currently in 17 European countries. As a big and broad community, DARIAH joins up a great number of collaborators, mainly researchers from various arts and humanities disciplines, as well as computer scientists and technical infrastructure experts.

e-Culture Science Gateway (eCSG)

e-Culture Science Gateway (eCSG) is integrated into IDEM, the Italian AAI Federation dedicated to Research, Education and Culture, managed by GARR and GrIDP (a "catch-all federation" also managed by GARR). Through IDEM, eCSG is also a Service Provider of the eduGAIN inter-federation. The Cultural Partners that adhere are the expression of all scientific research institutes in Italy in the various fields, but most of the digital content providers involved are museums and libraries interested in sharing their already-digitised materials.  

INDIGO Champion: Giorgio Emidio, INFN, Italy


Application cases & demos

An application of OneData instance for a digital library

Deploy an open-data repository in the cloud using Marathon

ELIXIR-ITALY: developing a Galaxy instance provider platform