INDIGO-DataCloud wants you!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016


INDIGO-DataCloud delivers open source software services to help developers, resource providers, e-infrastructures and scientific communities to overcome current challenges in the Cloud computing, storage and network areas.
The first prototype of the INDIGO architecture was presented  for internal evaluation on 4th and 5th April 2016 and has now entered a testing phase where your contribution is fundamental.


Researchers: dive into a pool of computing resources

The combination of the INDIGO services allows scientific communities to access data and use resources seen as a “big pool” of computing and storage, without the need to know their type or location or writing specialized software.

►Access INDIGO containers repositories


eInfra / RI managers: choose your component, optimize your work

INDIGO components are essential for resource providers, resource centers and cloud infrastructures since they provide tools for optimal exploitation of distributed resources. All INDIGO components enable services for research infrastructures such as ESFRI projects and similar initiatives.

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Scientific communities: find & customize your tool

The INDIGO services are being developed according to the requirements collected within various multidisciplinary scientific communities, such as ELIXIR, WeNMR, INSTRUCT, EGI-FedCloud, DARIAH, INAF-LBT, CMCC-ENES, INAF-CTA, LifeWatch-Algae–Bloom, EMSO–MOIST. They are also being implemented to be easily reused by other communities and for the so-called Long Tail of Science.

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Save the date!

The  first INDIGO software release is expected in July 2016, while the second INDIGO software release in March 2017