INDIGO Summit 2017. 9-12 May 2017, Catania, Italy

Tuesday, May 9, 2017 to Friday, May 12, 2017

The INDIGO Summit 2017 is the flagship event of the INDIGO-DataCloud project.

Workshop overview and objectives

The cloud world is based on services provided at different levels. Ideally, the user of an application, in our case a researcher, accesses it through a web interface, and without needing to know which of the services of this application run on the cloud. However, to develop new applications or include new functionalities, a whole chain of services is needed.

The challenge INDIGO-DataCloud tackles is to design a new suite of services to allow research communities from all disciplines to deploy complex applications on their own and run them on the cloud, according to their needs.

The current cloud technology, based  on  lightweight containers and related  virtualization developments, allows to design Platforms as a Service in a relatively straightforward way. However, supporting scientific users is more complex because of the heterogeneous and distributed nature of the services shared by researchers in their collaborations, and because of the inherent complexity of the scientific work requirements. The setup of complex infrastructure and software components for scientific research is performed within large (private or public) datacenters, typically engaged in  well-established European e-infrastructures, accessed by users from different disciplines, all of them needing solutions to combine the execution of cloud services with both efficient and simple operations. INDIGO-DataCloud provides the means to properly federate and interface with resource centers in a standardized, simple, reliable and performing way, while allowing to deploy a suite of modular micro-services for the architectural design of complex systems.

In August 2016 INDIGO launched the first public release of its Service Catalogue named MidnightBlue, a practical guide to identify the best INDIGO-DataCloud services to download and use to improve the quality of the research that resource providers and researchers from all disciplines all around Europe are performing. The second release will be delivered at the end of March 2017.

This Summit was centered on exploring the solutions provided by the INDIGO software, applying them to concrete use cases brought forward by scientific communities and resource providers. Demos, training and hands-on implementation sessions were included in the programme.


What the users say

“The attendance of people not involved in INDIGO was relevant and the interest they showed in the components was very high, which will lead to pay a special attention on the training material, which should be of high quality to avoid the disillusion of the interested people. We should focus on sample hands-on exercises that can be easily reproduced.”

Ignacio Blanquer (Medical Imaging Biobanks)


"I found the INDIGO summit very interesting with good demos from the hard work performed by the Champions and by the developers. However, I found them very independent and we should do the effort to find a common thread among them to make hem useful for external people".

Fernando Aguilar (ALGAEBLOOM)

"It was a good way to find out more directly what other groups have accomplished. Also, the informal encounters with colleagues, both researchers and developers, were interesting and stimulating for future implementation of INDIGO solutions. Personally, as champion person, it was an occasion to realize that thanks to this project, I have learned many things and are able to appreciate aspects within INDIGO that were mysterious at the beginning."

Stephen Monna (EMSO)

"The INDIGO Summit was a good opportunity to meet different communities, also outside INDIGO, to improve the solution we will offer. Moreover, working side by side with the INDIGO developers gave us the possibility to make a decisive step towards the conclusion of the use case development".

Marco Antonio Tangaro (ELIXIR-ITA)



"The INDIGO Summit was a very stimulating event. It was a great opportunity to meet face-to-face with colleagues, both researchers and developers, to discuss the implementation of INDIGO solutions: a key feature was tackling bottlenecks. The consolidation of tools, especially OneData, and the preparation of detailed user guides clearly stood up as key priorities for the end of the project"

Antonio Rosato (Molecular Dynamics)



„The INDIGO Summit has been a very fruitful event for us. We have got a lot of updates from the different use cases and champions that will help us to improve our solution. Furthermore, we have met the developers of the INDIGO-OneData team to finalize the latest features needed for the final deployment of the CTA Distributed Archive prototype"

Eva Sciacca (CTA)



Workshop structure

The event was organized in conjunction with the EGI Conference 2017, organised by the EGI-Engage project. The two events will be hosted by the Catania section of INFN – the Italian National Institute for Nuclear Physics.


Target Audience

The workshop is dedicated to resource providers and researchers from all disciplines, all around Europe. Researchers working in Biological and Medical science, Social science and Humanities, Environmental and Earth science and Physics and Astrophysics will have the opportunity to also learn about the uses cases already developed by the project.

The event will also be the opportunity for service providers or service integrators to understand how the INDIGO solutions and services are appealing for industry, and to which extent they might be beneficial for service offerings and business adoption.


Conference Programme

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INDIGO Summit programme

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