Final release evaluation report - D6.7

This deliverable contains the final report on the development of the INDIGO-­Datacloud WP6 software components. It describes as well the support activities related to development of the specific components (like mobile apps, visualisation portlets) in the context of specific application scenarios. It describes as well the evaluation of the developed tools.

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Final status report on final release of PaaS components and recommendations for future work - D5.6

The status report at M30 will report on the work done during the previous months to implement the last update of the PaaS layer. It will be focused on the description of the
status of the last release of the PaaS architecture, and its adherence to the user requirements.

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Final status report of WP4 activities and recommendations for future work - D4.5

This document reports on the achievements of WP4 activities at the end of the INDIGO project. Based on the experience gained during the project, recommendations on selected topics are
provided on how to proceed in the framework of follow up EOSC and other H2020 projects and initiatives.

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WP3 Final Report - D3.3

This document reports on the results obtained from the software quality assurance, software maintenance and support, pilot infrastructures and exploitation planned activities during the second period of the project. It also describes the achievements in terms of software automation, security, and provides feedback from the second public software release (ElectricIndigo). Exploitation outcomes and perspectives are also presented.

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Exploitation analysis based on agreements made and usage statistics - D2.9

This report, within task 2.5 and following D2.6, describes the exploitation analysis, agreed with the different research communities, and with the consortium, to guarantee the interest and support of INDIGO solutions. The potential exploitation impact is based on success metrics collected along the last months of the project, after the last main software release.

Final Project Achievements Report - D1.12

This document updates the results described in deliverable D1.11 [R1]. It includes information on the objectives obtained in the last months of the INDIGO-DataCloud project, a global view of all the achievements of the project and its foreseen follow-up in new projects.

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Exploitation Report and Plans - D1.9

This document presents the exploitation activities carried out by the INDIGO-DataCloud project and the plans after the end of the project. It complements deliverables D2.9 and D3.3.

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Test and validation suite and results - D 2.8

This report describes in detail the implementation of a test and validation suite for a specific use case: structural modelling of biomolecular complexes. The deployment integrates the application software with INDIGO solutions following a DevOps approach, so providing a method that will be re-used in other case studies to automate this process. The method, developed in close collaboration between INDIGO WP2 and WP3 teams, uses docker containers to integrate and test the full path starting from the GitHub repository of the software until the real execution in a cloud framework, assuring the quality of the solution being released.

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Report on the second release of PaaS layer - D 5.5

This deliverable reports on the work done during the past eight months to implement the second release of the PaaS layer.
The focus is on the description of the status of the PaaS architecture as it is released in the ElectricIndigo version, and its adherence to the user requirements.

Second Project Achievements Report - D 1.11

Just after the end of the second year of the INDIGO-DataCloud project, this document presents an update of the achievements described in deliverable D1.10 [R1]. It includes information on the  objectives  achieved  with  the  second  INDIGO  release,  the  feedback  gathered  via communication activities and a summary of the outreach and dissemination activities.