Initial Specifications of data ingestion in INDIGO - D2.11

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

This document  reports the  first results of  the enquiring activities for the research  ommunities participating in the INDIGO-DataCloud project in relation to data ingestion. It is  built on the experience with the Case Studies being integrated with INDIGO solutions, already presented in deliverables D2.1 and   D2.4, after reviewing the state-of-the-art recommendations on data management, and in particular those  being  analyzed in the RDA (Research Data Alliance) context. Following  these recommendations, a first detailed Case Study has been examined,  including the requirements discussed under tasks T2.1  and T2.2, confronting them to  the possibilities offered by INDIGO  solutions, to provide a reference for defining adequate strategies for data ingestion, to be confirmed in the forthcoming deliverable D2.7.

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